Discussion on the Interlocking Crises

March 23, 2020

Date(s) - March 23, 2020
7:00 pm EDT to 8:30 pm EDT

We want to use this discussion to check in with Solidarity members and friends to find out what is happening, both personally and politically. Our discussion takes place as the deep roots of the social and economic crises lay bare the horrific consequences of a profit-driven system. As the economy grinds to a crawl, demands such as access to health care for all and a moratorium on evictions suddenly seem reasonable beginning steps — at least during the crisis. Now that Trump and his advisers have woken up to the reality of a pandemic, how can we protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in society (e.g. prisoners, immigrant detainees, the homeless and global refugee populations)?
  • Elizabeth Burton, Solidarity member and psychiatric nurse
  • Dianne Feeley, Solidarity member active in Detroit Eviction Defense and Autoworker Caravan (moderator)
  • David Finkel, Against the Current editor, active in Jewish Voice for Peace, author of https://solidarity-us.org/a-medical-economic-and-social-crisis/
  • Anne Jackson, nurse and activist in Michigan Nurses Association
This will be a zoom event details will follow as we set this up, expect an email with those details.
Members and sympathizers can invite friends if they would like to do so, please share this link with them to register.

We highly recommend comrades to use the Zoom app for this, either the desktop or mobile IOs app or Android App, as calling in will work, but it limits having any video interaction.


Event Registration are closed for this event.

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