Pay Your Solidarity Dues

There are two easy ways to automatically pay your dues. Most banks allow you to set up a “recurring bill payment” each month to any recipient.

You can designate “Center for Changes” as a payee and have checks sent in your dues amount to 7012 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48210. Many banks allow you to automate checks being sent by mail and you can use the same information above when setting up reoccurring checks.

Solidarity members and sympathizers can also sign up to pay dues electronically through PayPal. Click on the appropriate button in the table below, fill out the necessary forms on the PayPal website, and your credit card will be charged every month for the amount selected. Charges will be paid to Center for Changes. A PayPal account is required, but you can set one up at the same time you sign-up for online payment.

Dues Rates

Members are encouraged to pay additional dues based on the sliding scale table adopted at the 2011 convention. If you’re able to pay at a higher rate than the standard $40 dues, please select one of the options below. Due to a limitation in Paypal’s options, if you’d like to pay at a rate other than those listed please pay by check.

    1. $20 per month or 1% of income above $24,000 (up to $25/ month/ $300 year)


    1. $30 K up 1.3% $32.50 to about $43 month or $390-520 / year


    1. $40K up 1.5% $50 up to $90/ month or $600 – 1080/ year


    1. $60K up 1.8% up to $120 / month or $1440/ year


    1. $80K up 2% up to about $167/ month or $2000/ year


    $100K and up 2 %, increasing by .01 per $10K increase in income.

Sliding Scale Sustainers

If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel your electronic dues payment, click here: