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Against the Current is our bi-monthly analytical journal. As part of our larger project of regroupment and dialogue within the U.S. Left, the journal presents varying points of view on a wide variety of issues. As such, debates are frequent and informative, with the goal of promoting discussion among activists, organizers, and scholars on the Left.

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SOLIDARITY was formed as part of a project of regroupment of the U.S. Left. This publication, as part of this project, presents many points of view. As such, debates are frequent and informative, and the level of analysis is very high. Against the Current’s goal is to promote dialogue among activists, organizers, and serious scholars on the Left.

Readers will find this publication informative and challenging. (ISSN: 0739-4853)

Against the Current Editorial Board


  • Robert Brenner
  • Dianne Feeley
  • David Finkel
  • Ursula McTaggart
  • Adam Hefty
  • Paul Prescod
  • Susan Weissman
  • Alan Wald
  • Charles Williams

Advisory Editors

  • Sara Abraham
  • Delia Aguilar
  • Manuel Aguilar-Mora
  • Perry Anderson
  • Rafael Bernabe
  • Purnima Bose
  • Melba Joyce Boyd
  • Johanna Brenner
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Mike Davis
  • Peter Drucker
  • Terry Eagleton
  • Sam Farber
  • Ansar Fayyazuddin
  • Ann Ferguson
  • Milton Fisk
  • Cecilia Green
  • Adolfo Gilly
  • Nancy Holmstrom
  • Kim D. Hunter
  • Alison Jaggar
  • James Kavanagh
  • Robin D.G. Kelley
  • Michael Löwy
  • Stephanie Luce
  • Malik Miah
  • Val Moghadam
  • Bayla Ostrach
  • Nomi Prins
  • Joanne Rappaport
  • Marsha Rummel
  • Abra Quinn
  • David Roediger
  • Anwar Shaikh
  • Jane Slaughter
  • Tony Smith
  • Tim Schermerhom
  • Hillel Ticktin
  • Heather Ann Thompson
  • Julia Wrigley
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