Six Questions for Ecosocialists: Response by Dianne Feeley

Producing Knowledge for Justice, Part II

ATC interviews Rabab Abdulhadi

THE FIRST PART of this discussion with Professor Rabab Abdulhadi appeared in our previous issue, ATC 206 (May-June 2020). Dr. Abdulhadi developed the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies (AMED) program in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University 13 years ago. In Part I she outlined how she built the program and came under attack from right-wing Zionists.

Most recently she received the Georgina Smith Award by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) for excellence in scholarship, teaching and commitment to collaborating with a diverse group of academic, labor and community organizations. AAUP notes “Her leadership transcends the division between scholarship and activism that encumbers traditional university life.”

Dr. Abdulhadi thanks Dianne Feeley, David Finkel, Katherine Hanna, Saliem Shehadeh and Jaime Veve for their helpful feedback.

Dianne Feeley: You’ve tweeted that the protest against the police killing of George Floyd was an Intifada. How do the cases of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor resonate with the situation Palestinians face with the constant threat of Israeli violence?…

Producing Knowledge for Justice

Rabab Abdulhadi

THIS IS THE first of a two-part interview that Against the Current editor Dianne Feeley had with Rabab Abdulhadi. Professor Abdulhadi initiated the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies program (AMED) at San Francisco State University (SFSU) 13 years ago in the College of Ethnic Studies. ATC was interested in learning what it had accomplished and how the right wing is so intent on harassing her and the AMED program.

I WAS RECRUITED to come and build this program as the fifth Department in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State from my job as director of the Center of Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Before I signed my contract, I insisted on several things, including that AMED Studies be housed in the College of Ethnic Studies.

I wanted to build AMED studies in the spirit of the student strike of 1968-69, led by the Black Student Union (BSU) and Third World Liberation Front (TWLF). The 1968-69 striking students demanded the decolonization of the curriculum and the creation of educational programs that reflect, legitimize and validate the lived experiences of marginalized communities….

Introduction to Socialist Perspectives on the 2020 Elections

The Editors

THIS ARTICLE BY Linda Thompson and Steve Bloom continues our series of opinion pieces on socialist perspectives for the 2020 elections. Previous contributions appeared in ATC 202, by Dianne Feeley on the openings created by Bernie Sanders’ campaign; and in ATC 203, by David Jette on defeating Trump and by Howie Hawkins on the Green Party’s Green New Deal. We invite additional opinions.

January-February 2020, ATC 204

Against the Current No. 203, November/December 2019

The November-December 2019 AGAINST THE CURRENT (#203) features:
  • Impeachment and Imperialism—The Editors
  • Detroit: Transformed or Foreclosed?—Dianne Feeley
  • Thoughts on Bolivia—Bret Gustafson
  • Which Green New Deal?—Howie Hawkins
  • The Syndicalism of William Z. Foster—Avery Wear

Viewpoint: Defeating Trump

Dave Jette

DIANNE FEELEY’S VIEWPOINT in ATC 202 (September-October 2019) “What Sanders’ Campaign Opens,” very well describes the possibilities that Bernie Sanders’ pursuit of the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination opens up for socialists. I agree with this presentation, but I think that it incorrectly omits the critical need to defeat Donald Trump next year even if we have to actively support a more mainstream Democrat for this purpose.

There are two basic reasons for what may be for some a shocking proposition: first, Trump is systematically, and with considerable success, bringing about fascism in our country; and second, he is destroying whatever defenses we presently have to help avoid the climate change which will be catastrophic for the whole world.

This suggested course of action would certainly have been shocking to me until very recently, for until then I had been adamant in rejecting any collusion with the Democratic Party, realizing that it like the Republican Party is a creature of the 1% and that its role for countless decades has been to emasculate and absorb any serious challenge to their rule….

Against the Current No. 202, September/October 2019

The September-October 2019 AGAINST THE CURRENT (#202) features:
  • Hope Is in the Streets—The Editors
  • On the Border: Crimes Against Humanity—Suzi Weissman interviews Myrna Santiago & Alicia Rusoja
  • Fifty Years of Campus Contested Terrain—Howard Brick
  • Frameup & Struggle: The Central Park Five—Malik Miah
  • What Sanders’ Campaign Means—Dianne Feeley
  • Making the Master Race Great Again—Steven Carr
  • Palestine: Imperative for Action—Bill V. Mullen

Against the Current No. 201, July/August 2019

The July-August 2019 AGAINST THE CURRENT (#201) features:
  • How Many More Wars?—The Editors
  • The Politics of Climate Looting—Adam Dylan Hefty
  • History of Reform in the Transit Workers Union—Steve Downs
  • Indonesia’s Election & Polarization—Alex de Jong
  • Nicaragua 1979-2019—Eric Toussaint & Nathan Legrand
  • Sandinismo Is in the Streets—Dianne Feeley
  • Fidel Castro’s Politics and Legacy—Samuel Farber

A Note on ATC 201

The Editors

JULY, 2019 MARKS a bittersweet 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua, the over­throw of the U.S.-backed Somoza dictatorship. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro’s guerilla forces. In this issue of Against the Current we present retrospectives on the fate of the Nicaraguan revolution by Eric Toussaint and Dianne Feeley, and on the legacy of Fidel Castro’s rule in Cuba by Samuel Farber. We also present Catherine Sameh’s review of an important book on the thought and legacy of Iranian activist and intellectual Ali Shariati, whose rediscovery is part of the fervent struggle against both imperial-colonial domination and the brutal social and political repression in the “Islamic Republic.”

July-August 2019, ATC 201

Against The Current No. 200, May/June 2019

The May-June 2019 AGAINST THE CURRENT (#200) features:
  • ATC Turns 200 (issues)—The Editors
  • Behind the Economic Turbulence—Suzi Weissman interviews Robert Brenner
  • Making the Green Deal Real—Dianne Feeley
  • Viewing the Oakland Teachers’ Strike—Jack Gerson, Tim Marshall
  • On Rosa Luxemburg & the German Revolution—Rosa Luxemburg, Jason Schulman, William Smaldone