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What's up in Solidarity?
Summer School & Convention 2019
The Solidarity National Committee has issued the 2019 Solidarity Convention Call officially beginning the Pre-Convention Discussion Period.

(If you did not receive it please email stephen@solidarity-us.org and he will forward it along).

The Discussion Bulletin and Member Email List are open for debate, discussion and proposals. We look forward to your contribution to insure a broad ranging discussion of issues facing Solidarity and the left as a whole.

Please review the Policy on Solidarity Internal Discussion Bulletin (DB)

To submit to the DB send your contribution to db@solidarity-us.org (Subject line: "For the DB")  and the member list solidarity-members@lists.riseup.net

Lastest news
Chicago Charter Teachers Strike, Win
LAST DECEMBER 4th educators at the Acero charter chain in Chicago became the first charter teachers in the country to go on strike. This was both stunning to the charter…
Why the 1953 cancellation of German debt won’t be reproduced for Greece and Developing Countries
Hermann Josef Abs signing the London agreement canceling German foreign debt on 27 February 1953. From 27 February 1953 West Germany benefited from the cancellation of most of its debt.…
The Fight Over Ilhan Omar: Phase 1
“THE VICIOUS, DIRTY — and bipartisan — smear campaign against the first two Muslim women in the U.S. Congress, Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI), is just beginning.” That’s…
Marx for Today: A Socialist-Feminist Reading
CONSIDERING HIS WORK as a whole, Marx had little to say directly about women’s oppression or the relationship between patriarchy and capitalism.(1) And some of what he had to say…
What is Solidarity?
Music of the Movement: "Still Ain't Satisfied"
Meme of the (International Women's) Month—Fighting Repression in Honduras
Quote of Note:
Quote of Note:
"The IWW has been accused of putting the women in the front; the truth is: the IWW does not keep them at the back – and they go to the front."

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1890 – 1964) Leader Industrial Workers of the World and later the Communist Party of the USA

Behind the News!
Christchurch terror: How did this happen?
Haji-Daoud Nabi, whose last words were “Welcome brother.” (Photo: Omar Nabi) You’ve heard the news: on March 15th, 2019, Aotearoa/New Zealand experienced its largest mass shooting since the colonial massacres,…
The New Politics of Disablement: The Contribution of Mike Oliver
Michael Oliver (3 February 1945 to 2 March 2019) was a British academic, author, and disability rights activist. He was Emeritus Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Greenwich.…

From Against the Current
Angela Davis: Relevant as Ever After Thirty Years
ANGELA DAVIS DESERVES a shoutout this Women’s History Month, and every month. Active and influential in international freedom struggles for nearly six decades, her speeches and writings have valuable lessons to teach us about the major injustices that we face in this era of heightened racism, xenophobia, and reactionary violence.
Women's Oppression and Liberation

DOES KARL MARX have any relevance for today’s struggles for women’s liberation? Do his theories of society and revolutionary transformation present us with tools that in any way continue to be useful?


Christchurch terror: How did this happen?

Friday 22 March 2019, by Tyler West, Ani White, Byron Clark, Daphne Lawless

A radical left in Parliament, a contradiction or a perspective?

Tuesday 19 March 2019, by Marko Kržan

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