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Sorting through the lies about Venezuela
Challenging United States hegemony is never an easy course. A county need not be socialist — it is enough to either voice aspirations toward socialism, or merely demonstrate a pattern…
The UTLA Strike
The United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) has won a big, although limited victory. Fighting in a context of a school board controlled by corporate charter school advocates funded by…
What is Solidarity?
What's up in Solidarity?
February 18, 2019
How I Emerged from the Working Class and Became a Socialist
I was not born a socialist nor was I raised in a socialist family. Rather, I became a socialist because of circumstance or happenstance and only after a gradual process…
June 27, 2019 - June 30, 2019
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Music of the Movement: "The Revolution has Come!"
Quote of Note:

We say, number 1, that the Negro struggle, the independent Negro struggle, has a vitality and a validity of its own; that it has deep historic roots in the past of America and in present struggles; it has an organic political perspective, along which it is traveling, to one degree or another, and everything shows that at the present time it is traveling with great speed and vigor.

We say, number 2, that this independent Negro movement is able to intervene with terrific force upon the general social and political life of the nation, despite the fact that it is waged under the banner of democratic rights, and is not led necessarily either by the organized labor movement or the Marxist party.

We say, number 3, and this is the most important, that it is able to exercise a powerful influence upon the revolutionary proletariat, that it has got a greal contribution to make to the development of the proletariat in the United States, and that it is in itself a constituent part of the struggle for socialism. -- C. L. R. James
The Revolutionary Answer
to the Negro Problem in US (1948) 

Behind the News!
Imperialism and Capitalism: As American as Apple Pie?
In the midst of the U.S. Civil War (1861 – 1865), as somewhere between half a million to three quarters of a million bodies lay dead from bullets and disease,…
As Macron Prepares New Repressive Measures Yellow Vests and Red Unions Strike Together
Eyewitness report from France. Deaf to the angry people’s legitimate grievances, unwilling to deal with them, Macron has given himself no other choice than to legislate new repressive legal restrictions…
Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-backed Coups in Latin America
Recently, the New York Times continued its long, predictable tradition of backing U.S. coups in Latin America by publishing an editorial praising Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas…
On the attacks on the EZLN
At the beginning the year a series of attacks, some slanderous, were unleashed against the EZLN following its New Year statements, especially those by Commander Moises, concerning the projects of…

From Against the Current
Europe's Political Turmoil—Part II
The first part of this article appeared in our previous issue, ATC 197. Peter Drucker is an advisory editor of Against the Current and an editor of its Dutch sister website Grenzeloos. Thanks to Alex de Jong for his help.
The Menace of Right "Populism"
CAN IT ALL really be Donald Trump’s fault? Do the antics of the worst, most malicious and willfully ignorant president in modern U.S. history serve to explain the spread of authoritarian regimes, racist and anti-immigrant parties, and rightwing fake-populism across much of the planet?

Letter from Zapatistas to Women Who Fight All Over the World

Saturday 16 February 2019

Feminism: Why a women*’s strike on March 8?

Wednesday 20 February 2019, by Oksana Shine


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