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This Coming Monday! Pre-Con Discussion The US Political Situation!
This Coming Monday! Pre-Con Discussion The US Political Situation!

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Zoom calls on select topics will bring members together to share analyses of key events and developments that characterize the current period. 

April 19 The US Political Situation

Since our last convention the Sanders campaign demonstrated the growth and limits of the adolescent US socialist movement electorally in its defeat and capitulation to the Democratic Party and their chosen candidate Joe Biden. Amidst a pandemic, another surge of anti-racist/ anti-police brutality, and an economic crisis the Biden campaign barely defeated Trump. In the immediate aftermath Trump and his associates initiated a campaign to discredit the results which culminated in a raid on the US Capitol by Trump’s supporters in an attempt to disrupt the certification of the election results. The Biden administration has already begun the rollback of his modest campaign promises despite the growing influence of “the squad” and those in its orbit. Despite the recent growth of the young US socialist movement it would be a gross overstatement to suggest that it is in any position at this moment to take leadership in the fight back against the right.

There are many questions to answer at this juncture: what is the class nature of the Trumpist movement and is it here to stay? What is the future of the GOP? What will the defense of voting rights look like in response to the right wing backlash against Black and Brown people?  What are opportunities for socialists to influence the current situation in the US? What social movements seem to be vehicles for radical change?

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As we all know, we’re living in a moment of almost unparalleled challenges and at the same time, important openings for socialist and class-struggle politics. Let’s make the most of it!

In Solidarity,
National Committee

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