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What's up in Solidarity?
2019 Winter Fundraising Appeal
Accordingly, the NC will target our annual year-end fundraising appeal, from now through the end of January, to helping those comrades who need assistance with the costs of attending Socialism2020 & LaborNotes2020.

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Trump’s Latest Fraud: Palestine Solidarity Activism Under Fire
www.bdsmovement.net/right-to-boycott/ Donald Trump’s executive order that ostensibly “extends civil rights protection to Jews” has “opened the door on a case-by-case basis to essentially defining Judaism as a race or national…

Congratulating Kshama Sawant
Dear comrade Kshama Sawant The National Committee of Solidarity sends our congratulations on your successful and hard-fought reelection campaign. It’s a heartening example for the left, showing that the power…

A disastrous election result: Defend the gains of Corbynism
In Chingford & Woodford Green, Faiza Shaheen narrowly failed to unseat Iain Duncan Smith. But the hundreds of activists who turned out in all weathers to work for her victory…

J Street is great! Right?
We Palestinians in America have watched AIPAC ravage us for decades.  For years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has specialized in dehumanizing Palestinians, erasing (or denying) our history, and…

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Podcast for Power
The Dig | Hindu Nationalism with Achin Vanaik
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100 Years of U.S. Communism

Alan Wald

How Race Made the Opioid Crisis

Donna Murch

India and anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act: Modi Might Have Finally Gone Too Far


Sunday 29 December 2019, by Achin Vanaik, Thomas Crowley


Unprecendented mobilizations in Haiti

Sunday 22 December 2019, by Arthur Mahon

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