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What's up in Solidarity?
Boston Socialist Day School Panel—"Why the working class & the rank and file strategy"
Bhaskar Sunkara (Founder Jacobin), Karin Baker (Pioneer Valley DSA Solidarity), John Fitzgerald (Solidarity), and Laura Gabby (NYC DSA, Carpenters Union)

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British Labour Party Manifesto 2019
Labour Party campaign launch, October 31, 2019 (Photo: This election will shape our country for a generation. It is your opportunity to transform our country, so that it works…

2020 Presidential Election Debate
The September-October and November-December 2019 issues of Against the Current carry a debate on the 2020 U.S. presidential election with articles advocating support for Bernie Sanders, support for the Green…

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Macho Camacho
In office since 2006, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, has been overthrown in a coup d’état. Debate on how this happened and what it all means has been proliferating…

Statement on the Indian Supreme Court’s Ayodhya Verdict
The Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur) before it was destroyed by Hindu supremacists in 1992 This statement from the Indian organization Radical Socialists is in response to a recent ruling…

What is Solidarity?
Music from the Movement
Quote of Note:

“It’s Not About 30 Pesos, It’s About 30 Years”

~ anti-austerity slogan from Chilean uprising

Podcast for Power
Left Anchor | Episode 103 - Interview with Texas-25 Candidate Heidi Sloan
Meme of the Month
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Impeachment and Imperialism

The Editors


An Overview of Detroit's Affordable Housing

Dianne Feeley

“We are at the beginning of the end of neoliberalism in Chile”

Wednesday 20 November 2019, by Franck Gaudichaud

The undying revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa

Thursday 28 November 2019, by Darren Roso, Gilbert Achcar


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