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A point of critique of the article and vote swapping.

There's wide disagree on whether voting Clinton is privileged or not. A lot of articles have been written on the issue. I'm not gonna address that in detail in my comment. I think it's complicated, especially growing up Muslim in America as a working class person or color. But I will make a comment or two:

While the "most progressive platform" talking point is an exaggeration paraded around this year, it's fair to note that the Dems lost *catatrophically* in 1972. And while we can get into a debate about why exactly that was, it *is* clear that when put to the voter by proxy of McGovern in *practice* voters *overwhelmingly* turned it down. It failed to get over with the public.

That said, I don't think voting 3rd Party/Green is a wasted vote this year. Though I do believe that anyone in a safe state helps the Green Party more by vote swapping with someone in a swing state. *Right now* at Trump Traders (, you can get two Stein votes for one HRC vote. So it reduces Trump chances of winning *and* raises 3rd party voting. There's also the idea of making private agreements with with friends from swing states, the #NeverTrump vote swapping app and the website.

I know some people will oppose vote trading, probably on deontological ethical grounds. (a.k.a *any* vote for Clinton is bad automatically). But on practical grounds you can't deny the benefit it also brings to the Greens. So I'm more the willing to do it.


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