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Popular Fronts for Social and National Liberation

Dear friends, and dear Achilleas and Eleni. The part of your analysis particularly on the nature of today's globalization based on the open and liberated markets and the advancement of transnational corporations is spot-on. Capitalist globalization can only be neoliberal! This is what the EU serves in its core and cant be changed from within, nor can we wait until all working people in the eu understand this before exiting the EU, Unilaterally. Takis Fotopoulos and Inclusive Democracy have long strived for directing social struggle in each country, particularly of the south, towards an exit from the eu and breaking all ties with neoliberal globalization, by creating self-reliant economies, as a first step for a new democratic/socialist world order. Fotopoulos has painstakingly sketched a transitional program particularly for the greek people and all peoples under economic occupation in the South, called 'A popular front for social AND national liberation'. Here is his analytical thesis and proposal. We are a group of people fighting towards this direction in Greece which is getting more imperative than ever now, with syriza showing its true colors!. Join us in this difficult struggle!

Popular Fronts for National and Social Liberation

Are Austerity policies the problem or is it Neoliberal globalization

The bankruptcy of SYRIZA and the globalist "Left">

The real causes of the catastrophic crisis in Greece and the Left


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