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So...a practical question for Achilles, Eleni and anyone else interested. The Syriza government has demanded that municipalities and social welfare administrations (hospitals, sanitation, etc) transfer their cash reserves to the national government. The first request preceded the delay to recent euro 300 million payment due the IMF. The Syriza government has maintained its commitment to servicing the debt. This second request (since the first one was more or less ignored) has the Interior Minister threatening punitive action against municipalities and services that do not comply.

Meanwhile of course, the parliamentary "truth committee" has identified the public debt as "illegal, illegitimate, and odious."

So should workers organizations, unions, radicals, socialists, endorse Syriza's demand for cash to be forward to its accounts; or should workers, unions, radicals, socialists oppose the Syriza government's demand and counterpose the demand that the government repudiate the debt in its entirety?


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