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We are planning to make this an important part of our summer school and convention this July. Our committee on sexual violence, which drafted this statement, is working on a set of policy, procedure, and best practice proposals to present to our organization for how to deal with cases of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence that arise involving members of our group. It includes a statement of our principles in regards to sexual violence, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence, a policy / procedure breakdown for how we would handle cases when they come up, an outline of some elements of an accountability process for those cases which we think could profitably be referred to that kind of process, an outline of the functioning of a national committee to deal with these cases that would provide resources to branches in some cases and possibly take the lead in investigations or accountability processes in others, and a statement on making sure our processes put the needs and healing of survivors at the center and talking about what that looks like. We're also developing an educational on consensual sexual activity that all current and new members would go through in order to ensure that the entire membership understands the meaning and importance of consent.

We're still in the early part of drafting those proposals and are working through our principles and a number of substantive political differences which, as you can imagine, are challenging and intense to work through even in a small committee. We're not yet ready to make a draft of those public (nor do we yet have a draft ready for Solidarity members). However, we're working on that right now, and should have something in the next couple of months.

I'd agree that this is extremely difficult, and we've been learning by engaging with a number of materials from other groups, including your blog. Thank you for maintaining it as a resource for our movements.


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