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Thank you for highlighting

Thank you for highlighting the fact that African Americans have regressed politically and economically under Barack Obama's presidency thus far.

This week, the Congressional Black Caucus met with Valerie Jarrett, top adviser to Barack Obama to discuss issues of importance to African Americans.

Before this week, Obama met with the CBC just once. That was in 2011. He has not met with them again since.

There are no plans for a meeting between the CBC and the President to carry forward the current discussion, according to

But on January 25, 2013 he met with Hispanic leaders to discuss issues of importance to undocumented immigrants and plans for immigration reform.

He's also planned a trip to Israel to appease his Jewish supporters. And he has bent over backwards to advance gay rights.

This week the AP reported that Obama plans to diversify his cabinet picks by appointing women, openly gay and Hispanics in the next round of appointments. He has no plans to appoint African Americans according to articles in the Washinton Post, Huffington Post and the AP.

Ultimately, we, African Americans are left out of the political process with this President except to cast our votes for his elections. Out votes were needed to advance the agendas of other groups.

And besides articles like this one and a few conscientious voices among Black intellectuals and media personalities, African Americans really don't have anyone representing us at this point in our historical experience.


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