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Socialist Party USA

Dan ran a strong campaign for senator in Ohio in November on the Socialist Party USA ticket, gaining 25,000 votes. He helped found the Buckeye Socialist Network, active there as a member of the SPUSA.

In calling for solidarity with the Madison protest movement, the national SPUSA has issued a statement projecting the need for socialist change.

Dan's analysis above does not mention his own party in the present here & now, which also has a chapter in Madison and is involved in building this protest. That absence is even more striking on a blog that is "revolutionary, democratic socialist."

As Billy Wharton wrote of the Buckeye Socialist Network: "A move toward a more confrontational set of politics, one that at once defends existing social programs and union rights, while also advancing new claims for grassroots democracy would certainly be welcome. Right now, the Buckeyes are in the lead. Time for the rest of us to catch up."


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