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Latino people have the same problems

I am Latino And Dark skinned (like Indian), and I have experienced the same problems because both my skin color and my origin. I have a strong accent that is clear by phone, so I don't get interviews at all.

living in this country I realize why, immigrants are the most successful entrepreneurs they don't rely in the job market because they know will be rejected. Check the Asian community for example, or first Italians, Russians, Africans or Latinos.

So what I think?, unfortunately we can't break the system, is their system created to benefit their equals, so why not start doing the same, creating our own business, trying to be more entrepreneurs using ours skills and knowledge and forget about jobs, where always we will be discriminated.

Creating our own strong economy so we don't have to beg for a pity employment. I have my own business since I arrived here in 2008, I have an MBA from my country and another here, and nothing!!! so I gave up, they can eat their jobs. I think is the only way the system can be broken a little,they can't stop my own community uses my services and even them use them many times.


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