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the worse government job is the census bureau

I'm a black woman and I must tell you that I totally agree when you speak about How government jobs are bad jobs for us to have in American. Being a victim of workplace sexual orientation and sexual harassment and no one ever taking my case seriously but instead making me out to be the culprit and hacking in to my phones as well as my email and other accounts has really put things in perspective for me as a black woman working for the government. Though this maybe a power trip for all who were involved and may have nothing to do with race directly it does have something to do with it indirectly. You see if I was white my phone wouldn't have been hacked nor my accounts and my case would have been looked at firstly and handled right then and there. Now because of them I have to start all over, but sadly I have to strike that job from my resume or I will always be deemed as the angry black woman who worked for the census and who got investigated herself. I will never trust the government or get another government job ever again. They've lost an excellent advocate.


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