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Racism in Science Hiring in Columbus, Ohio

Hi all,

I totally agree with most of you in saying that employment for black folks with degrees has been hard since Obama took office. I have one in science and I'm 3/4 through another in engineering with a 3.8 overall gpa, yet, I am unemployed and unable to get a a job in my field. Despite several years of relevant work experience and 100+ applications, I have only had three face-to-face interviews in my field yet no offers. Like you all have said, the mood is greatly receptive in emails and phone screens but things cool off when face-to-face.

I think the "roonie" rule for football applies to all blacks looking to find work these days. They call you in just to show they tried to meet racial quotas but they 'aint never planning on hiring you.

This is soo frustrating. I've had to live at a shelter and take an $8.00 an hour job working at a warehouse just to survive til the next insult. I got more than the prerequisite education and still no one wanted to give me a try.



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