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Registered Nurse,MBA, Marketing-NOgood job since Obama

I've sent out 1,000 resumes in one year and I received 10 interviews. When I arrive at the interview with a $1,200.00 BOSS suit in to look my best, then they (all white interviewers) really become annoyed, plus with me "always" being more educated than them. I've never been allowed to interview for Director of Marketing jobs at hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical device companies or related industries, they will not put a black person in those roles. I'm smarter than THEM?? On a few of the jobs I've held, white women have "bullied" me and arranged for me to get fired due to THEIR jealous and hatred tactics. It appears to be worse since Obama is in office. I've done flu clinics at Fortune 500 companies, only to see 2 blacks for every 300 people who came for the flu shots!!! They were all white, living in fancy homes, kids going to good skills, you name it!! There's educated BLACKS and they won't allow us to get hired. NO ONE is doing anything, we're back in the 1960's!! WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!


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