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I am black, born and raised

I am black, born and raised in a latin american contry and I am experiencing the same as you guys in the states, i am qualified, speak 4 languages and was not able to find a job untill 2 months ago, I concluded it was because i am black, why do I think that? well, my last name is in english and it is known that black people here have english last names, therefore although I do not inlcude my picture in my resume they by my last name know that I am black.

I have talked to people that wondered why it was so difficult for me to get a job because they themselves admit that I have everything to be hired however when i tell them it is because I am black they do not believe me.

I think I will have to move to the nextdoor country beause there is a little more black there and less racism(they said so.


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