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Truth seeking

As a black man in America I understand that we all live in a racist society. It may not be as overt as jim crow era racism but it's subconcious and exist within the minds and souls of people. It gives them an excuse to look down on someone else, but not see the fault in their own lives. Historically speaking blacks have contributed so much to advance this country and the world, but we are still seen as below humans in certain circles.
Without black/african contribution to this world with our resources and abilities this Earth would still exist in a dark age. The reason other races hate blacks is because they are afraid of a black take over. They are afraid that blacks in control would mean an end to their reign. So they will fight tooth and nail to ensure their dominance even if that means sacrificing their own for this evil agenda.
What we are dealing with is not human. No decent human with Christ in their heart would ever want to look at someone any differently other than a brother trying to live our lives on this planet. Because when you look at the grand scheme we are no more than specks of dust floating in eternity trying to find our way back to God.


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