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Maybe Separation is key!

By reading everyone's post I have to say that it is incredibly sad. I too hold college degrees and have been experiencing the same racist discrimination as every one else on this post. It is hard for me to even find a full time position and I have to rely on substitute teaching. You are correct when you state that us as African Americans were foolish enough to want to integrate with White America. The great and late Malcolm X even mentioned this in one of his speeches. I am not prejudice against white people, but their identity automatically makes them privilege from birth.Before integration us African Americans had our own businesses, schools, banks, teachers, business people, etc. We as Black America made this mistake of thinking that if we integrate into white mainstream American they will be more accepting of us and we will have the same opportunities and/or privileges that they have, WE WERE WRONG. Unfortunately maybe us African Americans should go back to separation so that we can control and determine our own success, fate and destiny. I also do not believe that President Obama is the cause of all of this,but I do understand your frustration. President Obama is the prodigy of years of our ancestors blood, sweat, tears, struggle and tragedy. However, Obama needs to step up and properly address the many concerns pertaining to the Black community. Thus, we still live in a white supremacist society were structural and institutionalized racism still resides.


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