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IT and Racism

Angie, from Michigan, what you've shared I'm also experiencing here in Massachusetts. I've tried to somehow make sense of this situation and to keep positive outlook on what I see in IT, but the situation speaks for itself. It could be that my spirit too is almost broken too, but what I'm seeing and experiencing is just unfair. And, why? As a Black man I see all these jobs supposedly available but yet I can't find work. I've never experienced a situation where I've failed at any assignment that’s been presented to me in my years of being in IT. But, if people aren't willing to give you an opportunity then what can you do. It's interesting to me how these companies operate. Surely, they are able to look around and easily see how their IT pool of employees is void of minority (Black men and women) not (foreigners calling themselves minorities). I ask myself why.
Not only are companies and their management able to see the fabric of there pool of employees ( they are calling it “Culture fit” these days), but so does our elected government. In my opinion we are excellent employees (surely not the worst), but no one will hire us. Before reading your response I was thinking ( being embarrassed at the same time ) that is was just me.
I'm in Massachusetts and I agree with you, it's unbelievable!


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