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IT and racism

I want to say this truly is a double edged sword. We are considered lazy and incompetent and many states like Michigan have overturned affirmative action. I feel that the result brought to light that companies will not hire based on best qualified for the job. Thanks Ward Connerly. I repeat they will not. As a black female in IT it is really really tough. I do see when I am employed they are more afraid of black males coming to interview even more. Let me be clear, whites do not like black people in IT positions. Its okay for sports, driving jobs and other service jobs but we need to address this. Science based careers should be encouraged for all people of color so that maybe in another decade they will get use to seeing us and maybe calm down.

My spirit is almost broken over what I speak of and I'm angry when I see our community lift up and idolize black athletes and rappers but make no mention of our people in science, biology and or computer science.

I am in Michigan and the situation is unbelievable.


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