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I am currently faced with opposition repeatedly every time I submit my application and portfolio. There are four major hospitals where I live. I passed the boards 5 months ago and I have only received two interviews, with no job offer. However, 6 classmates that live 1 hour or more from these hospitals are currently working at these same area hospitals I applied and they were interviewed within 3 months. I live 20 minutes away and did not receive a phone call. On one of my interviews the nurse manager told me, her selected applicants for hire did not pass the board and my qualifications were outstanding, yet I did not get the job. I try to remain positive and tell myself that Caucasians are facing the same adveyrsity in the job market like myself, but when I hear and see different, this belief remains untrue. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! I am considering applying for jobs out of state. By the way, did I mention I was a disabled vet with several years of healthcare experience as a nursing assistant.


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