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Racism alive and well...worse since 1st Black President elected

My experience in the job market is quite similar. I am a blue collar worker but have heard, seen/experienced it all!! From blatant refusal by an interviewer via his poor receptionist relaying a msg with constant apologies - and the awareness that he could see me in the lobby as the bldg. was all glass!) I sat there for over an hour awaiting my meeting with the potential no avail. This guy was called over the loud speaker numerous times! Although a phone conversation and my resume were said to be quite impressive over the phone, sadly, in person, my brown skin trumped any opportunity. I am sick of it but don't see it going away. Sadly, the BEST job I had that paid me commensurate with my experience and protected me as an employee rather than as a black man was a company that had a Union! We even had a prayer group. Thanks to Clinton (known as the first black president) TYCO outsourced these manufacturing jobs to foreign countries! This less than qualified whites in jobs they are in many cases not qualified to have...and after working with them or listening to them, find many hired due to nepotism and bias...or because not comfortable with blacks...or don't feel you'll fit in with the 'good ol' boys' at the job/dept folks you'd have to work with, work in. I encourage young men to not only get an education but have the mindset to think about starting their own business. They will remind you that they are the matter how blatant, disrespectful, hateful, ignorant, biased, the comments or insinuations may be in word, thought or action (due to their momentary insanity) we are and will always be reminded we are not equal. Sad but a movement is necessary. I am 55, tired, frustrated, restless and fed up...but feeling helpless and more uncertain of my future let alone our children. They Must become independent and make every effort to have their own...! it's tough but the reality. I play the game well, but am weary. Cops intimidated...whites in charge; blacks never given oppty and the list goes on. I can't watch Roots, 12 Yrs a Slave, or other movies such as these more than once. Many heroes and the reminders necessary for our future generations and to rekindle our fire but it is at home when I cross my threshold I feel I have welcoming peace, love, and surety as a man by my loved ones and family. Signed a black man with many encounters that I wish were not so negative in this journey. Pls read article by The Atlantic's author Coates; The Case of Reparations.


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