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This is a trap, we are the mice, education was the CHEESE

I have a Pharm.D. from a top 10 Pharmacy school, as well as 3 other degrees. I worked full time while in school, often 2 jobs at a time, and still graduated in the top 50% of my class. I have been employed since I was 15 years old, nonstop...UNTIL NOW. I graduated 6 months ago and still can't find a job. I have been applying for non pharmacy jobs based on other skills, training, and degrees I posses...250+ job applications and 4 phone interviews later, still nothing. I wholeheartedly believe Obama is the CAUSE of all this. I was more employed before he came into office than after. White people are not hiring us because of Obama, and we were foolish enough to give up business ownership in the Black Community in order to assimilate. This is a trap, we are the mice, and education was the cheese.


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