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The life of being black and educated.

I totally agree! I am African American and I live outside the United States and I am just American. When I fist said African American people were confused. The questions began "Are you from Africa?" So I stuck with American. When you leave the United States your just American no matter shade you are! I feel like it give racist a chance to define and separate us from the world. The treatment really disenfranchise men and women of color around the world. Before I finished college I applied to over 1800 jobs and only one reply during 2012. I gave up and moved over seas. My family thought I was not trying. I would even go up to locations for positions with hiring signs and their excuse was the position was filled. I have done stake outs to see and see several applicants go in and out the store. Once I come up I the famous line. I gave up on American jobs. I honestly sometimes believe that since Obama's in office I have less chance of getting hired because it's the way of ( Black Men and Women) from success and to crush dreams. I know it may sound far fetched but is it? Being discouraged in America's job racism;moreover,I left to find employment and to grow! I find America still needs to sort out its' racism and their problem with educated ( Americans with darker shade). It still amazes that after spending 10 years in school and gathering great desirable skills. A white middle or high school drop out can get employed faster than I can.


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