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After reading quite a few on the comments on this and I have to admit I am new to this site I will have to say I read quite a few of very interesting comments, my being 65 years of age and retired and yes I experienced the things that Martin Luther King and many other did and went through to get us too were we are now. I have also notice that a lot of our people have become very complicant in the success that was achieved via the methods Martin and again other did to achieve that success.

Talk is cheap, talking about the problems Blacks/African Americans are experiencing will not solve the problem, we that have been given the success that we have experience needs to be paid forward and talking about it is not going to get it. Yes there are people, organization, even political actions that are trying to take that back we can't allow that, we as a people have to organize and March on the White House I don't care if President Obama is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, still march anyways, view vocal about the employment problems, living situations etc that are effecting our Race once again. I have 3 grandsons and a Great Granddaughter that I want to be successful in life they speak about going to college and there success in life and I want that for them because my working and my husband working everyday to afford our children to succeed and they did.

As far as the Senate and Congress I see them as a bunch of losers, all they do is bicker and spew threats about what they are going to do if the President does this they are all worthless, but we as a race should not let that stop us from paying forward and make sure our children succeed in there life. So talk is cheap, these black organization etc need to get off of there butts and not be afraid to confront the President even if he is Black/African American, we need to contact this organization and brainstorm on how we are going to MARCH on Washington and change what is happening to our people let the world know expose these Politicians including the President if need be so that we can continue to be successful as well as to assure our children are successful because there is more than enough to go around, if the Hispanic/Latino Population can march on the White House/Capital Hill and demand Full Rights for over 600,000 illegals in this country then we can do the same thing because we are not Illegals we are 100% American Citizens demand that they TAKE CARE OF HOMEFRONT FIRST!!!.

Discussing this situation is great thing, but Organizing as well as being very vocal and mobil on the situation as far as jobs, etc speaks volumes and it will also tell the World exactly what is going on right here on the HOMEFRONT.


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