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More and More these days

It's getting worse and worse with passing time; it's as if, these days, brown skin (of any ethnicity) and a college degree or two or three, especially from "good" universities, ensure that you will NEVER WORK AGAIN and will wind up on welfare right alongside those who did not bother to finish high school. That's who we wind up sitting next to in the Food Stamp office - those who dropped out of high school and had babies out of wedlock and who are thus getting AFDC or TANF (whatever they're calling it now) while we who "bothered" going to college and trying to rise ABOVE that lifestyle are winding up schlepped right into it anyway - and all we have in common is skin pigmentation. I'm not knocking them - I'm just saying that I didn't go to Yale and get a Math teaching license to be collecting Food Stamps ANYWAY because no one wants a Yalie Math teacher who even "looks" Black.


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