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Race and Class: Blacks Still Taking the H

Although sad. Its is true.
I worked for a supermarket company as a AP clerk then a Dept Specialist 1987-2007. I resigned in 2007 to take care of my daughter and find a job closer to home. The long work hours and extensive traveling two and a half hours on public transportaion interfeared with her care. My oldest daughter was caring for her while I was at work but at this time she was entering college.
I experienced a great deal of racism while working at this place because I was the only black in the department. I was told by the HR manager that if I experience any problems to contact her. Two weeks later she was gone. I endured the racism from white managers and black one that were hired just to get rid of me. I tried leaving but the black manager gave a bad reference to a position that I applied for and I didn't get it. I needed the job so I stayed.
In 2011 after not securing any full time work I wrote this company and asked them if they needed any help. They did someone was going out on leave and I filled in for her. It was a temp job but I was happy to be working. I prayed for another job to open (perm) It did a long time co worker was retiring.
I applied for the position and was confident that I would get it because I had performed a simliar job for 15 years.
I didn't get the job the black hr manager claimed that I was an outsider and was unqualified. The job went to the friend of the hiring manager.
The person who got the job wasn't nearly qualified and if she had a diploma I would have been surprised. She was a part time clerk at store level. The hiring manager has hooked up all of her friends from the stores to work at jobs that are way over their heads. These same store clerk are totally unaware of the many facets of their position. I found that the women on maternity leave failed to perform all the many facets of the position because she had no experience and core abilities. She worked previously with another manager who had to get rid of her because of her failure to grasp the work. This was known throughout the office. It was also known that she didn't have a diploma. Yet they found a reason not to give me the job. The black HR was hired to deflect talk and lawsuit of racial bias & discrimination.


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