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Blacks aren't being hired BECAUSE the president is Black

Certain jobs are being reserved for White applicants. I was working a contract position and once it came out that I was making more than my white co-worker, they ended my contract and hired a white girl. We are being penalized for voting for Obama. Most Blacks voted for Obama. If that's not true than why is it that I get more interviews using my middle name than my ethnic first name. And why do I pass phone interviews 100% of the time yet I pass face to face interviews only 25% of the time or less!

I'm a very bubbly person. I have a very friendly personality and I've done excellent in sales positions throughout my career. That doesn't stop my White interviewer from asking me if I am confrontational and do I get along with my co-workers. I find these questions stereotypical and I am certain that those questions aren't asked to Whites.


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