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Bad advice? Bad journalism.

In doing research on this strike, I had to stop reading after the third paragraph. As a reporter/journalist, you should get the facts before you disseminate information with your opinion. You state, "They wanted to stop all traffic going into the plant, but were given bad advice by representatives from the UAW International - not to stop either foremen or trucks from entering and leaving. This strike, they were told, was an Unfair Labor Practice dispute, and if you don't allow traffic in, the judge will rule against the union." That is completely inaccurate. Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), preventing the ingress or egress of ANY vehicles, including permanent replacement workers, during either an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) or economic strike is strictly prohibited and will result in not only the court issuing an injunction to shut down all picketing, it will also result in the offending strikers being terminated from their positions at the company they are striking. So, in reality, they were not given 'bad advice'. Please do better research, or find another vocation.


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