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This illustrates very neatly

This illustrates very neatly what you are all about, showing up the barefaced self-interested liars we have in the media today. You so rattled Michael White that he himself lied on BBC TV. That you were able to do this says it all about your skills and value. He came over to me as a mean, nasty cunning man. I don't read the guardian and have never heard of him before, so this was my first impression of him. Same about knowing your blog, never read it before. Difference is you came across as inexperienced at being interviewed so simply felt sorry for you. Compare that to what I just said I think about him.

Your current role in life is to do what you do best, your blog. You looking foolish tonight is of no importance at all, you have gained more free publicity that any money could buy. Your real task (and don't lose sight of it) is to do exactly what you are doing with your blog. The publicity you have had is a tremendous coup. Congratulations.

Ps. They know how dangerous you are to their corrupt ways so be very careful, they are going to try and trap you.

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