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I knew and worked with Eileen

I knew and worked with Eileen in Philadelphia during the 1970s & 1980s as a fellow member of the SWP. As Dianne Feeley states, Eileen was a warm, witty and friendly person, at the same time private in maybe an English way not always grasped by Americans. She was a hell of a hard worker, with a physical stamina greater than most of us twenty-somethings. She always had time for the young, and she was a mentor to some of us. Eileen allowed me to interview her in 1976 about her life growing up in England, her coming to the U.S., and her subsequent life here. She told me about the very same Hunger March, described in Dianne's eulogy, that began her political radicalization. Her interview is on tape and in print, available for those interested by calling 484-213-0100.


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