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Dick Wolf is a staunch

Dick Wolf is a staunch republican, and always has been. He is a big supporter of the death penalty, and never supported the Clintons. Law and Order is certainly not a liberal show. It is however a well written show that teachs millions of potential jurors how to find everyone guilty. I know TV doesn't have to be real life, but glorifying the idea that someone is guilty until proven innocent is just wrong. They do it subtly too. They present the evidence as if they were impartial, but they always have the prosecution talk last( the opposite of real trials) so you remember their message bes. They always make the trial about wether it is likely or not that someone is guilty rather then wether you can prove someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Our constitution is very clear on that. If it isprobable that someone is guilty, but there are reasonable other senarios, the person goes free. Its supposed to be harder to put someone in jail then not. We don't want any innocent people there. It is illegal for a prosecutor to charge someone with a crime they know them to be innocent of, even tho McCoy does this very often just to shake lose a confession from someone else. Would you want to live in a country where those in power played roulette with innocent peoples lives in order to catch the guilty? I don't.


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